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For the Love of the Game: Ava Hill

Ava hill is no stranger to first place.

“I joined track when I was younger… And it kind of went from there,” Ava said.

This past summer, Ava competed at the USA track and field Junior Olympics national championships in Wingate, North Carolina…. The biggest stage Ava has ever run on…

“It was a little bit like state… Just because it was a lot of different people from different places it was a little different.”

Different in that she was up against the best runners in her country in her age group.

“It was nerve racking just because I was the only one like from where I’m from. I didn’t know how good I was  going to do.”

Ava… Took second.

And back home… Little did she know the squad she had cheering for her.

“I set the computer up, we got the live streaming going. Some people walked in and said we heard Ava was going to run. So I was like yeah come in sit down. Then her entire basketball team showed up. Suddenly it’s like this Olympic moment where everyone in another country is piling around this small TV watching their athlete,” Mesabi East head cross country coach Steve Eckman said.

Now Ava feels she can step up as a leader– and lead the giants to a state tournament.

“We missed it by like a point last year… So I think that’ll be our goal.”


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