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For the Love of the Game: Kristy DeMuth

In her junior year at Esko… Kristy DeMuth has quite the balancing act. Not only is she a starting midfielder for the Eskomos varsity soccer team… but you’ll also find her with the football team on Friday nights kicking extra points.

“I kept getting asked by the coaching staff if i wanted to try out for kicking… they asked me if i wanted a spot on the team and i said sure why not,” DeMuth said.

Demuth is already a three sport athlete… soccer being one of them, along with basketball, and softball….

Well now she’s a four sport athlete.

“It’s definitely a new experience, it’s really fun. They know how to have fun.”

there’s never a down never a negative energy. they’re just all hype and it’s really fun to be around.”

Several people noted Kristy’s natural athletic ability… but no doubt there were some nerves with going out for the football team.

“I was kind of scared i because i haven’t kicked a football in a few years. I knew it was going to go well I just had to kick it like a soccer ball and I would be fine.”

And in the end… she had all the confidence and support she needed

“I totally had it. It took a few kicks to get the hang of it i knew i had to just kick it like a soccer ball.”

Assistant coach Jeff Emanuel has been coaching Kristy since she was in 7th grade… he was actually the one with the initial idea to get her on the team.

“You look at her and she’s just a natural athlete. whether it be with a softball, a soccer ball at her feet and now football, it’s actually pretty sweet. all around all of the sports she plays, she’s a great athlete,” assistant coach Jeff Emanuel said.

Of course i had to get a crash course in kicking from Kristy… and let me tell you shes not just a stellar athlete… but a stellar teacher as well.


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