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Olympian Jessie Diggins visits Duluth

Cross-country skiing Olympian, Jessie Diggins spoke about the future of Nordic skiing in Duluth Sunday.

The event is hosted by the Duluth Cross Country Club and Spirit Mountain.
Diggins also discussed Duluth’s new Grand Avenue Nordic Center.
The Center is a new cross-country ski center at the base of Spirit Mountain with newly designed cross-country ski trails.
She also addressed the crowd about her Olympic gold medal win in South Korea.

“And everyone was crying and screaming and that’s when it kind of sunk in. That we had actually accomplished something that no one had ever done before. And because we were able to do it, I know that we can do it again. I know that this might have been the first gold medal but it’s not the last,” said Diggins.

Following her Spirit Mountain visit, Diggins attended a fundraiser at Pier B Resort.

CeCe Gaines

Multimedia Journalist

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