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Former Viking Jared Allen makes curling debut in Eveleth

Team Shuster played the best of the best on their way to a gold medal, but on Friday they faced off against a former Viking great, Jared Allen.

The Former  5-time pro-bowler was in Eveleth to take on the reigning gold medalists as part of the Curl Mesabi Classic. He says he’s been curling for about 6 months now, and is ready to compete with his team, which features former Rams Quarterback Mark Bulger, and Olympian John Benton.

“John Benton contacted me about coaching, I was like dude lets do it, so I got 4 buddies and it was like game on, we’re all retired athletes, lets go have some fun with this. And the other thing, I was joking with my buddies about this, this is like my version of being a two sport athlete, you know I’m not Bo Jackson but hey, we’ve been having a good time, we take it seriously because we’re competitors, and like I said, we got into curling and realized there’s some physical technique to it.” said Allen.

Team Shuster would go on to win 11-3 after the 6th end.

Neil Vierzba

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