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For the Love of the Game: Zeboz by Zach Edwards

Saints starting quarterback Zach Edwards is known for his fancy footwork on the football field.

Off the field… He’s known for his fancy foot-work.

“I always liked having the different shoes than everybody else,” Edwards said.

In addition to being a record breaking QB at the college of Saint Scholastica… Edwards is the founder and owner of his customized shoe company, Zeboz… A business venture that stems from a child-hood hobby.

“I kind of just grew up loving cartoons and what-not.”

And this past spring his business venture was born.

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“For my birthday I got an airbrush set. That’s how I got it started.”

He customizes everything from shoes for different CSS athletes… to custom cleats for a friend’s tribute to his dad.

“I made some for him.”

Edwards is a marketing major here at saint Scholastica. He’s got a year to go but the dream to get Zeboz as much recognition as possible.

“Honestly the dream would be to get a professional athlete to wear something.”


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