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ESPN Report: Serious health violations in MN’s pro sports stadiums

While a couple of Wisconsin’s stadiums scored big, a new report finds Minnesota’s professional sports venues didn’t exactly hit a homerun when it comes to your health.

ESPN reviewed health inspection reports from dozens of professional sports venues across the country between 2016 and 2017, ranking those stadiums from one to 107. Stadiums with higher rankings had received more health violations.

Here’s a look at how Minnesota’s and Wisconsin’s stadiums fared after the inspections at food service outlets:


U.S. Bank Stadium- 90th 
Total outlets inspected: 195, 116 with high-level violations
Violations: unsanitary meal prep, food temperature issues, and employees not washing their hands.

Target Field- 79th 
Total outlets inspected: 113, 57 with high–level violations
Violations: rodents and insects, food temperature issues, handwashing issues

Target Center- 72nd 
Total outlets inspected: 56, 27 with high-level violations
Violations: improper food temperature, sick employees, rodents and insects

Xcel Energy Center- 65th 
Total outlets inspected: 79, 34 with high level violations
Violations: mouse droppings, employee using hands to taste test food without washing hands, food too cold


Lambeau Field- 75th 
Total outlets inspected: 165, 81 with high-level violations
Violations: handwashing violations, hair in onions, food too cold

Miller Park- 7th 
Total outlets inspected: 115, 10 with high-level violations
Violations: out-of-date food, food too cold/hot, food contamination

Bradley Center- 4th 
Total outlets inspected: 30, 2 with high-level violations
Violations: out-of-date food, food too warm, no sink available for employees

The Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, home of the Hornets, reportedly had the most overall violations. The Oracle Arena in Oakland, California, home of the Warriors, had the least overall health violations.

Click here to view the full report.

Briggs LeSavage

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