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For the Love of the Game: Battle of the Bruggeman Brothers

If you happened to catch the UMD men’s basketball team on Saturday night, you probably heard a familiar name from the PA…. Ryan Bruggeman… the younger brother of UMD assistant coach, Casey Bruggeman, and senior guard for the Mustangs.

“It’s not always the most enjoyable to play against your brother in this kind of setting. We both take this game pretty seriously,” Ryan said.

This isn’t the first time they’ve gone up against each other… this being Ryan’s senior year with the Mustangs, this was the fourth time the two have met on the college basketball court.

Before that, they were teammates at Pelican Rapids. And competitive ones.

“I think we had one moment in high school. It was at the end of practice and Ryan and I were matched up on each other and at one point there was a loose ball and I bent over to pick it up and you jumped on my back and we both fall over. I pick the ball up, he’s about five feet away from me and I chuck that thing as hard as I can at him. Only brothers, that’s the only explanation for that,” Casey said.

Doug and Sue Bruggeman remember this brotherly competition vividly.

“Part of me is embarrassed but another part of me was like, ‘way to go boys’,” Doug Bruggeman said.

Although stressed was a word used to describe seeing your sons be rivals on the basketball court… Ryan and Casey’s parents feel something much greater than competitive.

“It’s fun, we have great people that we travel with to cheer on the Mustangs. And how lucky is Casey that he ended up here. I’m really proud to be here,” Sue Bruggeman said.


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