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Children’s book raises money for Animal Allies

HERMANTOWN, MN– A childhood trauma for one Hermantown man, has led to a book decades later.

It aims to help our four legged friends.

Dave Anderson has the story.

“I lost my dog and for a 12 year old boy, that’s a heart wrenching experience, really for anybody.”

Former Hermantown mayor Dan Urshan is talking about the shock of losing his beloved childhood black lab, Duke, during a cold snap in Twig, Minnesota in January 1974.

Nearly 45 years later, Urshan has written a children’s book about that experience.

One reason is to comfort kids that might be missing a pet right now. Another is to thank friends, family, neighbors and strangers who took Urshan’s youthful plight seriously and helped launch a pre-social media media campaign to find the wayward dog.

“We did posters, newspaper ads, radio ads, even a mention on TV and no luck; we had no luck finding him.”
Yet another reason for the book called “Where’s Duke?” is a bit of payback.

Urshan says Animal Allies was a big part of the search party so some of the proceeds from the book will help them in their mission to care for animals. “I’ve told this story many times over the years to kids and grandkids and I just wanted a way to pay them back.”

So far, sales of the children’s book have been brisk which greatly pleases author Urshan and illustrator Aurora Webster.

Does Duke the dog ever turn up? Is there a connection between the lost lab of Twig and a rogue pooch in Proctor known as Super Dog?

You’ll have to get a hold of the book to find out the conclusion of this true story.

“If there’s a lesson to be learned it’s that I think we all wish we had ten more minutes with a loved one or with our dog or our cat or pet; ten more minutes of a certain memory.”

You have to go and buy a copy of the book from Animal Allies, by the airport to insure that they get the money.  It is available at many bookstores in the area.

Dave Anderson

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