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Two Harbor students launch civility campaign for mental health

TWO HARBORS, MN– Students at Two Harbors High School are challenging the Northland to ‘Find the Kind.’

It’s part of a civility challenge that aims to improve mental health across the world through random acts of kindness.

For the second year in a row, Two Harbors high school is doing a “civility challenge” put on by the school D.E.C.A club.

Club member, Riley Larson explains, “it’s a marketing and business club that just get high schoolers in real world, the real business world.”

This year is especially cool because students are focusing on mental health and hoping to take it nation-wide.

“We really noticed how much it impacted every body in our community and we wanted to make a difference again this year,” says Larson.

The students are calling it the ‘Glasses Challenge’. They hope people will wear these glasses and post a video,  sharing a message about how they went out of their way to be kind to someone that day.

“Such as like opening doors for students and putting post-it notes on students lockers and in the bathrooms and just little things like that,” says club member Tori Bott.

Wednesday, students kicked off the campaign during an all-school assembly sharing their message with peers about the importance of month long campaign.

Bott says, “Improving mental health is really important to be positive to one another and do it through little acts of kindness.”

The group is hoping these acts of kindness videos will go viral. Larson says, “our campaign last year reached 9 million people and we really want it this year to make a bigger impact in the world.”

The students also started a non-profit they hope people will donate to called the “National Civility Association” which encourages people to be respectful and civil to all.

Another club member Claire Sweatt says, “we’ve worked so hard on this. We’ve seen everyone at their worst and everyone at their best trying to just trying to make this mean something to people and really and really change society.”

Jessie Slater

Evening Anchor and Reporter

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