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Duluth Police swear in 7 new officers

DULUTH, MN — While Minnesota continues to see a big drop in the number of people who want to be police officers, Duluth is adding to its force.

Police Chief Mike Tusken helped swear in the Duluth Police Department’s seven newest officers on Friday.

After three-months of intense training, they still have another four months of field training ahead.

“That we know we hired great people, that we know will represent this proud organization well and represent our community well. You’re going to be ready for this because we have invested in you and will continue to invest in your success,” said Tusken.

Officials said one of the big issues with this statewide police shortage is not only the declining number of applicants, but also the number of applicants who actually carry through with all the training that comes after applying.

The Minnesota Police Chiefs Association hopes that the new “Wear the Badge” initiative will help reverse that trend.

Briggs LeSavage

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