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‘Ellie’ the dog rescued on the North Shore after 5 weeks on the lam

A dog on the run along the North Shore for at least five weeks during the coldest stretch of the winter is now resting comfortably at Animal Allies Humane Society after volunteers dedicated dozens of hours to her rescue.

Melissa Gaylord, who lives near McQuade Harbor, says she first spotted the dog by the railroad tracks not far from her home on January 12.

Because of the dog’s size, Gaylord said she thought it could’ve been a wolf but soon realized it was a large brown dog.

The dog was skittish, so she quickly contacted “Missing Pets of the Northland,” which immediately went into action with the “The Retrievers” organization to track the dog.

Over the course of five weeks, Gaylord, her neighbors, and “The Retrievers” tracked the animal, and recorded sightings of the dog as far as four miles from where it was first spotted.

All along, the team was leaving food for the dog, hoping to gain its trust.

After realizing the dog had returned to the McQuade Harbor area, “The Retrievers” helped Gaylord leave food for the animal behind the Clearwater Restaurant for several days. They planned to safely capture the dog on Saturday.

Saturday morning, the team left a large kennel behind the restaurant with chicken inside. Gaylord, her neighbors, and “The Retrievers” waited in the car near the restaurant for three hours, watching a video feed from a camera they set up near the kennel. Eventually, the dog went inside the kennel, and the team rushed to go make sure she wasn’t injured during the capture.

Gaylord says the dog, now known as Ellie, was not wearing a collar. She had some sores on her legs and looked skinny and scared. Overall, Gaylord said Ellie looked good for spending days outside in temperatures that approached 30 degrees below zero.

At this point, Ellie is being cared for by Animal Allies. No word if she had an owner, what breed of dog she is, or how old she is. We’re waiting to learn if she will be put up for adoption.

Gaylord thanked “Missing Pets of the Northland” and “The Retrievers” for their extensive work in helping rescue this animal.

Briggs LeSavage

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