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UPDATE: Twin Cities ice angler rescued after being stranded on Lake of the Woods

UPDATE: Earlier Monday CBS 3 told you about Jim Philp. Philp is a Twin Cities man stuck 17 miles out on Lake of the Woods near Baudette.

Philp said he was starting to run low on propane as resort workers were working to plow their way out to him.

We heard from him before the 10 p.m. show Monday, and he says they’ve been rescued and are headed home after 36 hours of having nowhere to go.

Philp told us he’s relieved and warm again.


[metaslider id=”86962″] BAUDETTE, MN – Resort workers and snow plows have been working around the clock since Sunday morning to rescue stranded ice anglers on Lake of the Woods. Snowy, drift-covered roads are making it impossible to get back to land, according to a worker at Adrian’s Resort. The worker told CBS 3 people have been out since 9 a.m. Sunday to help more than 100 stranded anglers. The family of one man who managed to get back to land Monday morning said there are some anglers as far out as 25 miles, with little to no cell phone service. Jim Philp, a Twin Cities area man who spent the weekend ice fishing on Lake of the Woods, had hoped to head home Sunday morning, but instead, awoke to snow drifts as high as two to four feet. He’s been stuck since. He spoke with CBS 3 Duluth this afternoon about the experience. “We’re all by ourselves, and were just hanging out looking for that savior to come because we are going to need to be plowed out,” Philp said. “I’m getting nervous. I wouldn’t say scared yet. But I’m thinking pretty soon that will start happening.” Philp said he and several others with him still have propane as of Monday afternoon, but they’re worried they could run out soon. Adrian’s operators old him they hope to have them out sometime Monday night. The Lake of the Woods County Sheriff’s Office says they are assisting in the effort. Check back for updates.

Kevin Jacobsen

News Director

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