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Sock company employs homeless youth

A Minneapolis-based sock company is teaming up with Duluth’s Life House Thursday, in a unique employment opportunity.

Pop-Up Employment is the process that the company called Hippy Feet uses to package their products.

They bring socks and packaging directly to youth homeless shelters and hire the young people on a short-term basis.

This provides the youth using the shelter with a short-term job, which officials hope helps get them back on their feet.

Today was the company’s first pop-up in Duluth and they hope to make a habit of it.

The company also wants to help those in need with the transition to full-time jobs and full-time housing.

“I think the biggest impact that we’ve had is that the people we’ve been able to get into full-time housing and full-time employment,” Co-founder Sam Harper says. “That’s really what we exist for–to be a source of opportunity for them, and we have some really good success stories where we have been able to make a difference.”

Click here to find out more and to learn how to support the cause.

Idun Rasmussen

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