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For the Love of the Game: Hermantown’s Maddy Foster

Duluth, Minn. —  Senior year, Hermantown’s Maddy Foster is ready to lead the Hawks. At least that was the plan.

“t was our second game of the season. We were about two minutes into the game. I had the ball off of a rebound I was dribbling down the court and i just made contact with one of the other players and when I got up I thought wow I just made a big deal out of nothing like I’ll be back in the second half and I just stopped the play for nothing and I’m going to look like an idiot. Um that was not the case. That wasn’t what happened,” Foster said.

Maddy had torn her ACL and her senior season of sports was over.

“It was hard news. But I just kind of rolled with it after. It’s not like it’s gonna change I just kept going on and kept doing my thing. Did something.. new.

And that’s exactly what she did.

“I PT’d a little bit but before surgery you can’t really do much and so I signed up for a bunch of clubs. I signed up for knowledge bowl and speech and I’ve just bee volunteering at the elementary school helping with the school news. I don’t know I’ve just been taking on a lot of projects and stuff. I always wish I could do a little bit more and my ACL year has given me the chance to do it.”

More importantly, she found a new role on her team.

“My role had changed and I haven’t been a coach ever, I haven’t been on the bench a lot so it was just a whole new perspective and experience like as the season progressed I got a little more loud and a little more vocal, I’d pull kids aside and say hey I’ve got input for you.”

“She’s a friend to everybody she knows everybody she knows everybody, so people kind of gravitate to her,” Hermantown head basketball coach Beth Clark said.

So Maddy’s time in a Hawks uniform was done or so she thought.

“The week before senior night my coach had pulled me aside from one of my PT exercises and she was like we want to play you and we want you to start. I just don’t have any words for how cool it was.”

When asked about whether or not Maddy saw coaching in her future?

“Yeah it’s always been like a childhood goal of mine. I always wanted to be a teacher alongside that I wanted to be a coach and this year I got a little sneak peek at it.”


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