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Bag It Duluth holds city-wide Bag-athon

DULUTH, MN– Bag it Duluth held a City-wide Earth Day “Bag-athon” Saturday.

The reusable bag sewing event addresses climate change and plastic pollution.

The organization hopes to increase the availability of reusable carryout bags and raise awareness about climate impacts and plastic pollution associated with single-use disposable plastic and paper bags.

Sewers city-wide were invited to help create hundreds of bags.

AICHO Arts and Cultural Program Coordinator, Moira Villiard says, “I guess the relevance to here is the fact that we have the lake, right? And no one wants to see that completely polluted. Plastic that is just everywhere and we’re trying to bring that into a more level of awareness that’s relevant to people here who love the lake.”

The Bag it Duluth Campaign is a call to action for the City of Duluth to follow the lead of cities and states across the country and globe in banning single-use plastic bags.

CeCe Gaines

Multimedia Journalist

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