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Glensheen goes the eggs-tra mile to carry on Easter tradition

DULUTH, MN — Most places in town may have been closed this Easter Sunday, but over at Glensheen Mansion, they went the eggs-tra mile to continue the holiday tradition.

“We get all the generations coming in,” Glensheen Experience Coordinator Jenna Hughes said. “We try and stay open on holidays because the holidays were so important to the Congdon’s.”

The Congdon’s were a religious family, who lived in the mansion throughout 1900’s.

“Elizabeth — the last one to live here — she would have her church group come in, so we try and allow the community to come into our home on days like today,” Hughes said.

Now celebrated through the annual Easter egg hunt, the community is able to partake in the holiday fun.

“They can have their Easter egg hunt at home, and then they can come here and continue it,” Hughes said.  “There are 13 eggs hidden around the house, and they’re just all around.”

And learn about the history of their surroundings along the way.

“It really gets your children’s attention because they can wander around the rooms and look for that egg,” Hughes said. “Then we’re they’re looking for the egg, they find kind of interesting things, and then they have more question about it, so then you get to find out more as you go, so it’s nice that you get to experience that together in maybe a way that you usually wouldn’t be able to.”

Gamiel Hall

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