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Unanimous support for F-35 acquisition by St. Louis County Board

DULUTH, MN – The St. Louis County Board voted unanimously Tuesday morning to support the 148th Fighter Wing’s push to acquire new F-35 aircraft.

The 148th, one of the area’s largest employers, has been flying the F-16 since 2010.

The F-35 is the newest military aircraft in U.S. inventory.

The 148th says getting the F-35 would guarantee the air guard’s continued viability, as the F-16 continues to age.

“And so were trying to make a push to get the F-35 or more specifically, a 5th generation or better man fighter at this unit. Our current F-16’s although they’re the newest block model in the U.S. inventory, its still an aging aircraft,” said Col. Rob Troy.

The Duluth Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Committee heads to Washington D.C., next week, to help educate politicians and continue the push to get the F-35 aircraft installed.

Kaitlyn Moffett

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