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Vacant Home Restoration Program reveals first completed renovation

SUPERIOR, WI– The city of Superior revealed its first completed renovation Tuesday under the city’s new Vacant Home Restoration program.

The program takes abandoned homes, and instead of tearing them down, fixes them up and puts them on the market.

The first house located in the city’s East End was a tax forfeiture.

Program leaders say it takes about a 6 month process to restore the home, this one began in November.

Leaders say a budget for the program is still in the works.

Housing Coordinator & Planner, Jeff Skrenes says, “So we really don’t have a whole lot of expenditure into this, which is actually one of the beautiful parts of this, is that we can bring a home back and sometimes a home is not even on a buildable lot so if it got torn down we’d lose the tax revenue pretty much in perpetuity.”

The price tag for the newly renovated home is $100,000.

The next house in line for the project is opened for viewing and biding until June 21st.

Kaitlyn Moffett

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