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The 24th Annual ALS Fishing Tournament kicks off

The 24th annual ALS Fishing Tournament takes place this weekend.

Organizers say that this year their fundraising goal is 250,000 dollars.

Friday, on the eve of the fishing festivities, there was a big celebration with a whole lot of barbeque and even some local celebrity supporters.

Terry Steinbach was in attendance and is a big supporter of the event for a reason that hits close to home.

“It means everything, seeing my dad pass away from ALS and seeing what we couldn’t do. All the things that weren’t available – it’s extremely frustrating. Events like this when you raise 250k+ dollars go to the ALS chapter too see it go to research,” says Steinbach

Boats launch bright and early on Saturday morning, and the fundraising announcement as well as who caught the biggest fish will be on Saturday evening.

Jenna Lake


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