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Dream Come True – Ben Pederson on being drafted by Baltimore

Duluth, Minn. — It has been quite the week for Duluth Marshall senior Ben Pederson. Not only did the slugger punch the Topper’s ninth consecutive ticket to the state tournament, but he also found out he’d been drafted in the 38th round of the MLB draft by the Baltimore Orioles.

“I knew I was getting scouted throughout the spring and stuff like that and I started talking with a guy from the orioles a couple years ago at the tournament, I had no idea who the guy was until he told me. I hit refresh after practice got done when I was out in my car. I was like the first name on the list. It was pretty funny, I was sort of shocked by it….” Pederson said.

“Until you actually saw his name pop up you didn’t know what to expect, and it was incredibly exciting to be sitting at work and having his name pop up on my phone as being drafted by the orioles, there was a lot of fist pumping at city hall in Hermantown where I work,” said head coach Joe Wicklund.

Pederson has until July 6th to make his decision on whether to start his MLB career or follow his original plan of playing at Missouri.


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