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Park Point attracts shoppers to annual rummage sale

DULUTH, MN — In the event’s 39th year, the annual Park Point rummage sale has come to a close.

The two-day event stretched more than four miles, starting at the Aerial Life Bridge.

“It’s pretty unique,” Bruce Miller said. “I don’t know anywhere else in the Midwest if not the country that does this on one long street like this.”

Those selling had it all on display for shoppers, from furniture to sports memorabilia, to books and dolls.

“People come from all over to attend this thing and look for cool, weird stuff, which we have a lot of,” Miller said.

Those marking their price say they do it for the exchange.

“Just trying to sell some stuff for a little bit of money for our family vacation we’re going to take,” Madison Pertler said.

Getting out and enjoying what Park Point has to offer.

“It draws a lot of people just because of it’s a tourist-y area anyways, so to have this event set up in advance where everyone can come together, it’s just a fun event for everyone to be here today,” Pertler said.

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