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Emma Stauber brings Isobel Cup home to Proctor

Proctor, MN- It was a special day for former Bulldog and Mirage standout Emma Stauber, as she brought the Isobel Cup back home to Proctor.

Fans had a chance to see the cup, take pictures with Emma, as well as skate at the event.

Stauber was named head coach of the Mirage back in April, replacing Glen Gilderman who retired.

Stauber says her full focus is towards coaching. But, she wouldn’t rule out a return to the ice if her schedule allows her.

“The professional season extends longer than the high school season does. So there might be a possibility where I can continue to play, it just depends on how the schedules work out. I’ve been in contact with the GM of our club. We’ll just kind of figure it out if I can play a few games and kind of be a partial player, I will. To continue to grow the game, I think it’s really important and I’m glad to be a part of it. So if I can continue that, I will for sure,” said Stauber.

Neil Vierzba

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