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Learn from the Pros – Brett Olson and company talk Twin Ports Development Camp

Duluth, Minn. — Between Brett Olson, and former Bulldogs Andy Welinski, Brenden Kotyk, Mike Sislo, and Hunter Miska… there’s well over a decade of professional hockey experience there… Those five guys are taking their knowledge and instruction to the Twin Ports Pro Development Camp in Superior for another season.

The annual camp is set for July 8th-11th in Superior and is a great opportunity for all levels of youth hockey to hone their skills. During the season, the five pros spend their days on the ice as players… but the summer instruction camp gives them the opportunity to give back and raise the next generation of hockey players.”One of our main goals is to be consistent so whether we’re coaching or playing. Consistency into our own game into the role that we’re supposed to fulfill for the team but the reason we have the younger kids in camp is to get them started early. Not necessarily to worry about the little things that go along with the game but to teach them how to have fun,” Brett Olson said.

“You know being professional athletes or even college athletes that we looked up to and were able to try to emulate and use those people as our role models and try to teach them a few things about hockey but also being good people and good teammates,” Andy Welinski said.

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