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Proctor athletes use summer to train for success

PROCTOR, MN- Dozens of Proctor student athletes are putting their school motto to use this summer.

“It pushes you out of your comfort zone and makes you way stronger,” said Braelyn Sathers.

Members of the football, soccer, and girl’s hockey teams are taking part in the St. Luke’s performance camp.

“The program starts in June and ends in Mid August, right before all the fall sports start. We work out Monday-Thursday, there’s 4 sessions a day,” said Jake Disterhaupt.

Jake Disterhaupt, Strength and Conditioning Coordinator at the St. Luke’s Fitness Center, breaks down each session to focus on one specific type of workout.

The first session is always at 7am here on the turf, and that’s open to every single athlete. That consists of your plyometrics, your speed training, and your conditioning. Then from there we have sessions at 8, 9:15, and 10:30 and those are resistance training,” added Disterhaupt.

Training techniques that they can use for their respective sports.

“We do band stuff and it really helps with your leg strength and pushing off your back leg for striding on the ice,” said Saethers.

Hockey standout Braelyn Sathers says besides all the physical techniques picked up, it also builds camaraderie.

“It gets you really close with your teammates off the ice. You get to know them, who they are. (cut off the ice) You spend a lot of time with them during practice but when you do turf time and weightlifting, you learn there physical and mental capacity and stuff like that,” added Sathers.

With the program only in year one, attendance is high and they show no signs of dropping.

“I just think these kids are doing awesome, they’re committed, our numbers are staying strong even into July. Which is every programs worry is that it starts strong, starts to taper off, but our Proctor kids are very committed, and it’s nice to see them working so hard,” added Disterhaupt.

Neil Vierzba

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