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Bayfield farmers look to stay on schedule ahead of Apple Fest

BAYFIELD, WI — This past winter was long and brutal, so how did things hold up at our local apple farms?

On Wednesday, CBS 3 Duluth spoke with Bayfield farmers currently preparing for the thousands that are expected to pour into town for Apple Fest come October.

“It’s a great way for the local growers to showcase their apples,” Jim Hauser Jr., owner and operator of Hauser’s Superior View Farm, says. “You kind of get your customers to come to you.”

At Hauser’s Superior View Farm, preparations are already underway.

“There’s a little bit of prep work, but a lot of it comes at the end when you’re picking and packaging because you can’t pick it too early and have it sit there,” Hauser says. “It kind of gets all jammed together.”

That process has been hindered due to our recent winter, which, in much of the Northland, lasted all the way to late spring.

“Everything’s running about 10 days later probably than normal, which is fine,” Hauser says. “We’re going to be fine for Apple Fest. It just makes our logistics a little bit tighter.”

It’s nothing Hauser hasn’t seen before.

“We’ve been doing this for 50-some years and it always works out and it probably always will,” Hauser says.

Hauser says he remains confident that his apples will be ready on time.

“It’ll all work,” Hauser says.

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