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Northland couple facing felony charges for child pornography

AITKIN COUNTY, MN- A Northland couple is facing decades in prison if convicted of sexual assault and child pornography charges.

According to court documents, in February 2019 a third party reported the discovery of suspected child pornography after borrowing a cell phone that belonged to 39 year old Amanda May Walsh.

The third party reportedly received a text message from Walsh upon borrowing the phone stating quote, “Go ahead and delete three conversations please don’t read just delete.”

Police say the third party thought it was suspicious and opened up the messages. In them was sexually explicit photos of a underage girl sent to her boyfriend 29 year old Matthew James Gunderson.

It was later discovered that Gunderson had also sent sexually explicit photos to the 12 year old victim, according to court documents.

The girl is said to have a mental disability in which she functions at the level of a six year old.

According to the criminal complaint, when the victim was interviewed by investigators she said she was quote,”Forced to do poses and if she did not she would be punished.”

Gunderson and Walsh are each being charged in federal court with the production and distribution of child pornography.

Gunderson appeared in U.S. district court in Duluth on Tuesday.

Both are being held at the Douglas County jail in Superior and are awaiting future court appearances.

John Cardinale

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