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St. Louis County evaluates sidewalks for handicap accessibility

DULUTH,MN–  Crossing the street is about to get easier for people with disabilities.

The county is working on the Americans with Disabilities Act Transition Plan which is all about updating area infrastructure.

Traffic Engineer Victor Lund says, “so sidewalks, curve ramps, and traffic signals like the push button at the traffic signal ensure that all of those locations, those facilities meet the current ADA standards.”

Crews will start work on Duluth county roads first, roads in surrounding cities are next on the list.

Lund says the work on the smaller cities in the area has been needed for some time now.

” The small cities where we have very infrequent projects where we’re there like every twenty years, we need to get back, we need to fix the road and we need to fix the pedestrian facility.”

The last step before work begins is getting the public’s input.

Lund says, ” And so we’re asking for public input, for any comments on how to improve the process or maybe some things were not aware of, concerns, challenges people are experiencing or they would like addressed.”

State and federal dollars will fund the project, along with local property taxes.

You can post your comments on the website Department of Public Works created for this project.

Emma Quinn

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