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Hermantown Lumber under investigation for customer theft

HERMANTOWN, MN – A business that was once respected, now finds itself out of business and in trouble with Hermantown law enforcement for alleged theft involving customers.

“Dozens and dozens of people have placed orders for lumber for windows and different materials like that who have either fully paid or partially paid and have not gotten their materials,” said Joe Wicklund, the communications manager at the city of Hermantown.

Police say more than 40 people have experienced this from the closed business and more are continuing to come forward.

On Tuesday, an announcement for the investigation went out and 10 more people came forward, according to Wicklund.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in undelivered products are estimated so far in the investigation.

“$300,000 or more in total business and again that’s a pretty substantial number, but it is spread out by a substantially large group of folks,” Wicklund added.

The owner Gerald Sundquist is also facing civil cases.

According to court documents, the Lukovsky family is suing the ex-lumber company for $50,000  in punitive damages for $34,000 of product they did not receive.

You can read the full document below.  If you’re reading this on a mobile device, you can click here.  

The lumberyard is now owned by Nick Minardi.

“Minardi Lumber and Millwork is proud to be one of the only family owned and operated lumber yards in the region. With over 30 years in the construction industry, a passion for Millwork and a customer service niche we look forward to becoming a recognizable and reputable source for contractors and homeowners,” Minardi said in a statement.

Minardi Lumber and Millwork is not connected to the former company that’s currently under investigation.

If you have done business with Hermantown Lumber and have missing products, please report it to the Hermantown Police Department.


John Cardinale

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