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Racers cross the finish line during the 26th Yacht Race

DULUTH, MN– It was an exciting day out on our great lake.

Yachts started crossing the finish line of the the 26th Trans Superior Yacht Race on Monday.

A long journey across the great lake Superior, 326 nautical miles to be exact.

Tim Labute, and Michael Hoey were part of the Arctos Yacht crew first to cross the finish line.

“2 days..over 48 hours, so about 52 hours.” stated Tim Labute, Captain of Arctos.

39 teams began their journey near Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Only one team dropped out in the beginning.

“It was very calm in the beginning in the white fish bay through there, everyone said whats the big thing..but at night it was quite cold and the winds started picking up. and then we get about 20 miles outside of here and we get a nice squall.”

A quick moving thunderstorm came across the twin ports early this morning, which the Acrtos crew says helped them sail into first place.

“We finished first, but through the handicap system we might not have been first.”

The Arctoss did cross the finish line first, but they won’t come into first due to the handicap.
The size of the yacht comes into play before the time does when deciding a winner.

“Our boat is 70 feet long the next boat in our class is 60 and the third boat was 68 feet so we have give them a little more time because were a longer and faster boat.”

Two days across the water required a large team all coming together, for the ultimate goal.

“It went pretty smooth, we had 19 people, and not everyone had sailed together previously so just adjusting to each other and other positions on the boat but the team came together very well actually.”

No matter where each yacht finishes, its always a great journey.

“We were pretty happy just to win line honors, the race was to win line honors.” states Michael Hoey, Program Manager of Arcros.

Yachts will continue making their way across the finish line here in canal park through Thursday.

Kaitlyn Moffett

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