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Caleb Anderson

I am running for Mayor of Duluth to unite our city. Our country and our state has seen division like never before, and our city is no different.  We must put the division aside and finally serve the general public to do the job you elect us to do. With compassionate and humble leadership, anything is possible. We need a leader who listens and will be a voice for everyone. I aim to be that voice!

My pledge to you:

  • Cut regulation to be the most Pro-Business area in the state and in the region
    Fix our streets once and for all
  • Equip our law enforcement with the training and tools they need to resolve the drug issue once and for all
  •  Enforce a bold approach to reform our school system to educate the best students in the state of Minnesota
  • Cut waste that cause rising property taxes
  • Stand up to state leadership including Governor Walz to support the opening of the mining industry
These are just a few of many things we have on our agenda. Its my promise to listen to you – the voters -and work on your concerns to make Duluth the best it can be! We have more to worry about than banning plastic straws and doing the work of other outside Agencies. The people of Duluth deserve a leader that will serve them with humility and with compassion, my military service proves my commitment to serve.
Additionally, I am the only candidate who has pledged to bring efficiency back to our city, starting by reducing the salary of Mayor. There are many other areas to cut Fraud, Waste and Abuse in our city and especially in our great state of Minnesota.  I am pledging to donate 15% of salary of Mayor back into the community of Duluth. We have only just started our journey to “Restore Duluth Now” to the city it once was and the city it will soon be again. Teamwork is key, and I would be honored to earn your vote so we can work together.

Krystal Frasier

Social Media and Digital Content Manager

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