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New year, new goals: UMD hoping to surpass last-year’s finish

Duluth, Minn. — There’s a certain eagerness that comes with each UMD season… the expectations are high and the anticipation is even higher. Head coach Curt Wiese stressed the importance yesterday that last season’s 11-1 finish is far behind this squad. But the core that is back from that disappointing finish is hungrier than ever.

“Some of our key guys that were big-time play-makers last fall are sitting here today so I think its these guys responsibility to take the next step as a program to teach some of the younger guys that maybe aren’t as repped-up and haven’t been as repped-up in a game situation and get those guys ready to go,” Coach said.

“Just as a whole I think we have a lot of younger guys coming up and stepping up that played a lot last year as well that can kind of fill those positions,” UMD senior safety Bull Atkins said. “Just kind of as a group coming together and playing as a whole 11 is what we need to do.”

UMD opens up its season on September 5th against Minot State.


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