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Musolf reacts after winning tight county board race

HERMANTOWN, MN — After a very tight race Tuesday, St. Louis County’s newest commissioner is speaking out.

Keith Musolf beat out current Hermantown Mayor Wayne Boucher by just 89 votes.

The county board’s 5th district seat has been vacant since January, when former commissioner Pete Stauber was sworn in to the U.S. Congress.

In his first political venture, Musolf will take the seat.

The former iron and trades worker told CBS 3 Duluth Wednesday he felt he was the “underdog” going into the race, so he was surprised to find out he had won.

Musolf says he looks forward to fighting for better child care and tax prices for his district.

“First things first, I’m going to revisit all of the townships and city councils and everybody in the district. I’m going to hit every corner of it and make sure that there’s open lines of communication that people can count on me to be there for them,” Musolf says. “It started about the people and it’s going to keep being about the people.”

Musolf says he expects to be sworn-in by Friday.

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