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“Rail and Trail” allows Lake Superior and Mississippi Railroad to live on

DULUTH, MN- A big compromise Wednesday after a years-long fight over a proposal for Duluth’s Western Waterfront Trail.

That proposal included talk of doing away with the Lake Superior Railroad.

But instead, Duluth Parks and Recreation has decided to go with a “Rail and Trail” option.

“The opportunity to have rail and trail is a great synergy for the city it allows us to continue,” Joe Maans President of LSMR said.

The proposed trail with rail option will preserve rail alignment that is used by LSMR and also allows access near the St. Louis River.

“It provides an opportunity for us to construct an extension to our western waterfront trail that goes along the river and the rail alignment,” Jessica Peterson Duluth Parks and Recreation Manager stated.

LSMR is very happy that their historic railroad can live on, but with every compromise, some things must be worked around.

“Maybe some speed restrictions extra signals we don’t know precisely what that is and for trail walkers, it will mean that they may have to be a little more careful in a section,” Maans said.

It is important to remember that the option is just a proposal at this point.

The master plan will be presented to Duluth Parks and Recreation Commissioner in October.

The master plan will then eventually be forwarded to the Duluth City Council for final approval.

John Cardinale

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