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65-year-old paraplegic man attacked with tire iron

ASHLAND, WI– An Ashland man, paralyzed from the waist down is speaking out after authorities said he was attacked last weekend.

A scary situation in Ashland last week, as a 65-year-old man, who does not want to be named, and his son were headed to SuperOne.

That’s when the man noticed he was being followed by a woman who had apparently been watching him at another store moments earlier.

When his son left to go into SuperOne, what should have been a normal shopping trip turned into a moment of terror.

“She bailed through my window -I had my window down, drivers window- and I still had my seatbelt on and everything and she came after me with a tire iron and started beating on me,” he said. “And I raised my arm up to protect my head and tried pushing her out. Finally, I had to push her out with my sideboard.”

But that didn’t stop the woman. Police said she allegedly bashed in all four of his windows before being scared off by a bystander and driving away.

“She could have really messed me up. Luckily she never hit me in the head, I guess,” he said.

He believed the woman mistook him for someone else.

Right after the incident, he made a call to his caretaker, Karri Bell.

“They had her stopped already at that point down by Maslowski Beach where they did take her into custody right away,” said Bell.

Unfortunately, his van and wheelchair are out of commission, but after Bell set up a GoFundMe page help poured in from the community.

A man offered to replace the glass in the van at no cost. He also noticed the muffler needed repair. It’s a pretty expensive fix, but Bell says the GoFundMe donations should cover the cost. Plus, a local detail shop vacuumed out the van.

And, a woman was kind enough to give him a new wheelchair.

“I’m just thankful for the outpouring and all the donations and all the hours that people are putting in for him,” said Bell.

Though this incident turned the man’s world upside down, he said he forgives the woman.

“I’m not a vengeful person, but she definitely needs help, she definitely needs to be taken off the streets,” he said.

We’re told the man should have everything he needs again by next week.

CeCe Gaines

Multimedia Journalist

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