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Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival will raise money for a good cause

SUPERIOR, WI- An annual tradition is returning to Superior this weekend.

The 18th Lake Superior Dragon Boat races will kick off at Barkers Island on Saturday.

Paddlers from near and far will grab their paddles to participate in the festival.

Dragon Boating started in ancient China.

Once a ritualistic religious tradition, it has now turned into a sport in which 22 people with different positions try to win a race.

“The steerer is a professional rower, the rower or paddler makes sure we are going straight and the drummer the drummer keeps us in rhythm and then the paddler’s paddle,” Ashley Carlson the team captain for the Dragon Hunters said.

Every rower’s position is important, and teams grow closer as they train.

“We all play a big part in it we talk, we keep talking from the front to the back to stay in rhythm and the more in rhythm we are the faster we go,” Carlson added.

Coming together is something the festival aims to do.

Rotary International helps put on the festival and is raising money this year to help fight homelessness.

“This year they are helping out Habitat for Humanity, Life House and Harbor House here in the Superior and Duluth area,” Belissa Ho a practice coordinator for the event said.

Through this, they hope to bring the community together, just like the rowers in the dragon boats.

John Cardinale

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