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Chronic Waste Disease testing required in some zones for deer hunters this year

TWO HARBORS, MN- New changes come every year during hunting season and this year one regulation involves Chronic Waste Disease.

“We don’t want that in this state it decimates deer populations where it was once rampant so we are trying to control it,” Nancy Hansen an Area Wildlife Manager with the DNR said.

CWD attacks the neurological system in deer, elk, and moose.

The disease is currently not present in North Eastern Minnesota but cases have been seen in Crow Wing County.

“Basically it showed up in a wild deer and we had tested that area in the past but in sampling some dead deer we did discover this,” Hansen said.

With the discovery comes new restrictions to the area.

All season it will be mandatory to test deer harvested in the zone.

Disease management tags will cost $2.50.

Hunters also need to be aware of how they can stop the disease from spreading in non-infected zones.

“One of the biggest things is not bringing carcasses from another state where CWD is prevalent or from any of the management zones in Minnesota,” Hansen added.

Hunters can also be aware of the way a deer with CWD looks and acts

“Extremely thin they may be drooling their head may be hanging low they may be walking in circles or stumbling. Hunters should contact wildlife officials if they see an animal acting like this,” Hansen stated.

Other new regulations for the 2019 hunting season are in place.

You can find those regulations here.


John Cardinale

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