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Child care given a new meaning at a Hibbing office

HIBBING,MN– When Kirsten found out she was expecting, she wanted to find a way to balance being a mom.. and having a job.

“I’ve always loved having a career. I love working and I love what I do here..and I got to live out my other dream to know I was going to have a baby” she says.

So she and her supervisor at Disabilities Specialists created a program called “Babies at Work”.

Amy Pearson President Disabilities Specialist says the program is supposed to help parents return to work after a maternity leave without having to make sacrifices.

“It helps keep that bonding going and of course, with our childcare shortage around here it also helps alleviate some of that tension to be able to get back into the workforce instead of having to quit or extend that leave,” says Pearson.

The cost of daycare can make it stressful for parents when deciding whether or not to go back to work.

Kirsten says, “It’s very scary to think about leaving her in someone else’s care for full time. It makes it easier to get my work done and not worrying about what she’s doing.”

There are certain program guidelines parents must follow.
All the employees in the office have to agree to the program, and if the child cries for more than 30 minutes or sick they need to be taken home, so they don’t disrupt other people’s work.

Pearson says she understands why the program is so important, “as a mother myself I know how hard it is to transition back into the workforce and so just trying to make that as comfortable as possible for all parties.”

And for Kirsten it has given her the best of both worlds, “it’s deepened my trust in my company, ir means the world to me.”

Other businesses around the country have adopted a “Babies at Work” policy.
Kirsten and Pearson hope businesses will continue making things easier for working moms.

Emma Quinn

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