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Duffy to resign from Congress in late September

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Sean Duffy has announced he will be stepping down from Congress due to family reasons in September.

In a Facebook post Monday morning, Duffy said he and his wife, Rachel, learned that their baby, who is due in late October, will need attention due to complications, including a heart condition.

He says due to this, he has decided this is the right time for him to “take a break from public service.”

Duffy went on to say it is not an easy decision, because he loves being a Congressman, but it is the right decision for his family, which is his first love and responsibility.

According to his Facebook post, Duffy will be stepping down on Monday, September 23.

Duffy, who was born and raised in Hayward, Wisconsin, and has been representing the 7th Congressional District since his election in 2010, and has been a supporter of President Donald Trump.

He has also been widely mentioned as a possible candidate for U.S. Senate or governor in 2022.

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers will have to call a special election to fill the vacancy.

Dr. Cynthia Rugeley Associate Professor and Department Head of Political Science at The University of Minnesota Duluth believes that special election could be held off.

“One thought is he will just wait and have it in April that would be interesting because of the competitive race of the democrats in the primary it would be a heavy democratic turnout,” Dr. Rugeley said.

But bigger questions about the resignation surround the 2020 presidential election and Donald Trump, as Wisconsin is a swing state.

“Anything that has the potential to increase or decrease voter turnout will affect the outcome so say something happens in this district that makes it so more republicans turn out or more democrats turn out then it could have an impact,” Rugeley added.

After Duffy’s announcement, The University of Virginia Center of Politics predicts that for the special race the district has been moved from “safe republican” to “likely republican”.

Dr. Rugeley believes that the republicans should be still in a safe position.

Stay with CBS 3 Duluth as we learn more details about the resignation.

The Associated Press contributed to his report.

Krystal Frasier

Social Media and Digital Content Manager

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