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Ely preserves historic movie theater

ELY,MN– When the Ely State Theater re-opens their doors, it’ll bring back a piece of old-school Ely.

The Historic Ely State Theater has been under repairs since 2014.

Plumber Phil Meier says, “In my parent’s era when underground mines we’re still operating in town, they said there were lines down the street, kids trying to get into the theater.”

The goal is to update the almost 85-year-old building for modern times.

Tanner Ott the project manager for the updates says, ” A handful of items that we did to fit more of an economic model of 2019.”

One way they are doing that is by adding a full concession stand, which was never in the original plan when the building was built in 1936.

Other major repairs have ranged from new roofing to updated electrical and water systems, all the way down to the original bathroom signs.

Project leaders say restoring this movie theater is all about adding to the community.

Chuck Zeugner one of the board members says, “There are so many people in town that have wanted to see this theater open again.”

Meier says, “There’s definitely a need for a theater, I have two young children now and I’ll certainly take them to a movie.”

The theater will have two movie screens and a stage where community theater and musical performances can take place.

Construction is set to be completed by October with movie tickets starting to be sold come November or December.

Emma Quinn

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