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No charges for officers involved in fatal Ashland shooting

ASHLAND, WI — The Ashland County District Attorney has determined no charges will be filed against the law enforcement officers involved in a fatal shooting in Ashland on May 22.

According to the Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI), the officers, identified as United States Marshal Service (USMS) Task Force officers Alex Jaeger, Emily Krueger and Jeremy Loesch, were involved in the incident that resulted in the death of Joseph Tedrick, 33.

None of the officers involved were a part of the Ashland Police Department.

Documents say members of the USMS Task Force were serving an arrest warrant for Tedrick at his home around 3:30 p.m. on May 22.

During the warrant service, Tedrick was spotted arming himself with an AR-15 rifle, and while carrying the rifle, he ran into the garage and got into a vehicle which had previously been blocked in by a USMS vehicle.

He then rammed his vehicle into the USMS vehicle, pushed it out of the way, and drove his vehicle toward Task Force officers who were positioned in a neighboring back yard.

While sitting in the front seat of the vehicle, authorities say Tedrick started raising his rifle upward, which apparently caused Krueger, Lesch, and Jaeger to fire their weapons at Tedrick while he was driving toward them.

Authorities then say Tedrick continued to drive through a neighboring yard and crashed his vehicle into the back wall of a garage, causing the vehicle to go through the wall.

The Task Force members say then then secured the vehicle and saw Tedrick had been hit by gunfire, and then removed and carried him to the driveway, where they gave medical aid.

Tedrick’s autopsy was done on May 23, which revealed he was shot three times to his upper left chest and arm area, and also shot once in his left thigh.

The damage to his left lung and spinal column was ruled as the result of his death.

Click here to read the letter from Assistant Attorney General Paul Ferguson, here to read the DCI’s case report, and here to read the DCI Initiating Case Report.

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Krystal Frasier

Social Media and Digital Content Manager

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