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Exchange Bakery closing doors after 30 years

DULUTH,MN– A popular lunch spot will close its doors at the end of the month, the Exchange Bakery is shutting down after 30 years in business.

Mark Edwards has owned the Exchange Bakery since 1997, but now it’s time to hang up his chef coat.. and retire.

Edwards says, “It’s nice being able to come and go, I’m at that age where I guess I can just retire.”

With Edward’s retirement, the end of their lease, and renovations coming to the Board of Trade building they call home they decided to close their doors.

“The building is going through some change and the rent’s starting to go up a little bit,” says Edwards.

As the closing is around the corner, the feeling has set-in for Edwards.

“Once you start talking about it, it becomes more like reality,” he says.

And his employees are feeling it too.

Lisa Follmer-Quarles who’s worked at the bakery for several years says, “When you make something so good and people eat it, they smile and their face just lights up and they get all happy.”

If they have one message for their customers, it’s thank you.

Edwards says, “I wanna thank them for being good customers for all these years and we certainly couldn’t have done it.”

Follmer-Quarles says she just loves to make people happy.

Edwards will continue filling orders through October, after that he is on to retirement.

Emma Quinn

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