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Charges filed after shooting in Maple

MAPLE, WI– Charges have been filed in connection to a Labor Day shooting in Maple, Wisconsin, but authorities have not identified who pulled the trigger.

According to court documents, Patrick Staton, 29, of Maple, was shot several times during the incident on Pellman Loop Road September 2.

On Friday, Staton was also charged with three counts of being a felon in possession of a firearm, and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

According to court documents, Staton had been staying at the house of his girlfriend, Leah Sommerlot, at the time of the shooting.

After Staton was shot, authorities say Sommerlot called 911.

According to court documents, dispatchers could hear Staton yelling at Sommerlot to hang up the phone and to get his gun and holster off of him.

Staton was taken to the hospital, and was treated for multiple, non life-threatening gunshot wounds.

Authorities found three guns inside Sommerlot’s house during a search warrant. Sommerlot eventually told authorities that Staton brought the guns to the house when he moved in in July.

Sommerlot is also facing charges in this case, including aiding a felon.

Officials with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office were unable to be reached for comment.

Briggs LeSavage

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