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Family of missing 89-year-old man seeks answers days after disappearance

WINTER, WI — A family reunion turned into a search for a missing loved one over a week ago.

Norbert Anthony Dantzman, who suffers from dementia and other cognitive issues, went missing Labor Day weekend.

The 89-year-old was last seen in Winter, Wisconsin.

“Maybe he’s just doing it and he’ll be back shortly or maybe a spaceship picked him up,” his niece Louise Ladenthin says. “I mean, it’s so surreal, isn’t it?”

Dantzman’s family members say he got into town August 29th, walked out of his motel room early the next morning, and never came back.

“To have someone that’s a senior in your family and an honored member, and the guest of honor — actually well, one of two of the guest of honors coming to your family reunion all the way from California, and then life smacks you up along side the head and he goes on walkabout,” Ladenthin says.

He suffers from dementia and other cognitive issues, which leads his niece to believe he could be anywhere.

“This is a big nation,” Ladenthin says. “Because it was a holiday weekend and there was so much traffic, he could easily be far away.”

No matter where he is, his family members seek for answers as the search continues.

“Perhaps he will be found here, but it’s not looking that way,” Ladenthin says. “But who’s to know? It’s as likely as the spaceship at this point. We have no confirmed belief of where he is or why he’s there or if we can find him.”

Dantzman is 5’9″, 136 lbs., with brown eyes, gray hair and glasses.

He was last seen wearing a checkered shirt, black vest, black pants, and light colored cap.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Office at 715-634-5213.

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