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GRAPHIC VIDEO: No charges after fatal police shooting in Hermantown

WARNING: We’ve included video from the officers’ dash camera in our story – viewers will want to use discretion when watching.  We have edited the video in an effort to be sensitive to the topic.

HERMANTOWN, MN– The St. Louis County Attorney will not file charges against officers involved in a fatal shooting in Hermantown on May 4th.

St. Louis County Attorney Mark Rubin announced his decision Wednesday morning, saying the law enforcement officers’ actions were “necessary, justified, and authorized by law.”

The shooting, which happened off Stebner Road and Highway 53, ended when St. Louis County deputies shot and killed Tim Majchrzak, 37.

Authorities say Majchrzak exchanged gunfire with deputies after speeding on his motorcycle.

At some point during the incident, St. Louis County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Kuhnly fired at Majchrzak while Deputy Troy Fralich hit Majchrzak with his patrol car.

Majchrzak was reportedly wearing a bulletproof vest and trauma plate.

Deputy Fralich is a 12-year veteran, while Deputy Kuhnly has been with the department for five years. Both deputies were put on standard leave.

Before reviewing the case himself Rubin called on assistance from a retired St. Louis County Attorney and Cook County Attorney to review the case.

According to court records, Majchrzak had 14 previous convictions in the state of Minnesota and two in Wisconsin, with charges ranging from DWI to speeding.

The most recent charge was in Superior for burglary and possession of methamphetamine.

The BCA recovered a gun at the scene.

This is a developing story – check back for more details as they become available.

Briggs LeSavage

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