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Community gives back to Veteran who lost a special item

HIBBING, MN– 91-year-old Stan Cvar is a World War 2 veteran that loves his country and his flag, last week his flag was stolen from his property.

“I didn’t feel good because why the hell would somebody steal a flag you know its not worth that much money, to begin with,” Stan said. 

“It’s our united states flag its respect for my father respect for our country and we put it out in the open because we do respect our country and that is where the loss is,” Stan’s son William said. 

Over the years Stan has lost 2 wives and 4 kids.

This flag was special to him because his only living son gave it to him.

“My son and I put up that flag pole well he did most of the work and uh put that flag up and it had been there ever since for about 10 years or son,” said Stan. 

And once the flag went missing Stan’s daughter in law took to social media to let the community know what was going on.

“When we posted it it was to let all our neighbors know let our community know hey someone is going around and stealing flags and then it just kind of blew up from there,”

“She sent out some emails on Facebook and got 600 to 700 replies,” Stan said. 

One of those messages from an organization called Fishing With Vets they collaborated with L&M in Hibbing to get Stan a new flag to fly in his front yard.

“I was really surprised by that response really surprised to the point of tears,” Stan said. 

But on Tuesday community members gathered to raise a new flag for the Hibbing Hero

” It’s showing support for my Dad and I love my community for that,” William said. 

And now new flag flies bearing with it a new message for Stan

“I have nothing more to say other than the fact that I was really taken back by all the things that happened and I’m really happy about it,” Stan added

If you would like to donate or get involved with Fishing With Vets you can click here.

John Cardinale

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