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MN Court of Appeals temporarily suspends two PolyMet permits

ST. PAUL, MN — On Wednesday, the Minnesota Court of Appeals issued a temporary stay, or suspension, on two PolyMet permits including the dam safety permit and the Permit to Mine.

This comes after opponents of the copper-nickel mine petitioned the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to consider new information that came to light after permits were issued, which the court denied.

The court cited two reasons for the stay including Glencore becoming a majority owner in the company and concerns over the Brumadinho dam collapse in Brazil.

In a statement, a PolyMet spokesperson said they are disappointed by the courts’ decision.

“We are confident that the post-permit questions that led to the temporary stay lack merit. Indeed, MDNR already issued a detailed decision (August 7, 2019) addressing questions about the Brumadinho dam collapse in Brazil.”

An oral argument is scheduled for October 23, 2019, at which time the DNR will address the concerns to the court.

The permits will remain stayed until that time.

Kristen Vake

Anchor, Reporter

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