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Safety measures taken during rumored school threat

TWO HARBORS,MN– An almost empty parking lot was what  Two Harbors High School looked like Thursday, as classes were canceled for the day.

Late last night the school received rumors of threats Lake Superior School District Officials decided to cancel classes to ensure safety for all.

Superintendent William Crandall said, “Just the Two Harbors High School because that’s where the specific threat was present.”

All other schools within the district remained open.

After an investigation, the Lake County Sheriffs Department determined the threat was not credible.

Crandall adds, “Ad that there was no gun involved, that was also part of the threat. And in the end, there were no arrests made.”

School officials say any type of threat or incident involving the well being of staff and students are taken seriously.

“Unfortunately they’re happening across the nation,” says Crandall.

In the last several years the St. Louis County District has implemented the nationwide A.L.I.C.E safety training for students and faculty.

Deputy Sheriff Pat Olson describes A.L.I.C.E as,  “It’s an acronym, alert, lockdown, inform, counter, and evacuate. The ALICE model is a civilian model response for an active shooter or violent intruder.”

Public safety and school officials want to enforce the rule that if you see something, say something.

Deputy Olson says, “this is happening all too frequently and no longer is it acceptable to hunker down and wait.”

Officials say the school is no longer considered under a threat.

The school reopened their doors this afternoon for afterschool activities and sporting events.

Emma Quinn

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