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The march of time to bring an end to Carr’s Hobby Shop before Christmas


The antique railway clock is ticking at and for Carr’s Hobby in Duluth’s Lincoln Park.  After 65 years, time is running out for the store.  Owner Jack Carr tells us his father started the place in 1954 and he took it over in 1972.  That means Jack has been providing memorable birthday and other special occasion gifts for 47 years.

But, time ticks even for toy makers and hobby masters and Carr’s will close before Christmas this year.  Longtime customers say there will be another hobby shop like Carr’s with model trains, railroad antiques and even old rail lanterns and headlights decorating the store.

Part store, part museum and part maze, the crowded aisles and diverse inventory are becoming too much for Jack to manage.  He says it is time to retire even though business remains good.  The internet has changed the clientele a little but the good business he mentions still includes young customers like 18 year old Henry Carney.

Reporter Dave Anderson bought model cars from Jack Carr when he was Henry Carney’s age and people Dave’s father’s age bought trains from Jack’s father back in their day.  In retirement, Jack Carr will miss those generations of customers and friends.

Many of the various antiques that fill Carr’s Hobby Shop will go up for bids on November 26th at an auction managed by Nordic Auctions.




Dave Anderson

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