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Students walk out of classes for nationwide Climate Strike

DULUTH,MN–  Chanting for change students in the Duluth area walked out of classes on Friday to protest global warming.

Daisy Stauffenecker a junior says, “I hope to accomplish today to bring awareness to the topic. And to help show we care and we want this to change.”

Hundreds of students and people from the community gathered to demand lawmakers take action.

Senior Taleea Wilson said, “Just help better the earth, I don’t like to see trash on the ground. It makes me sad, I go and pick it up and stuff like that”.

Stauffenecker says, “I hope people do something about it and hope we save the planet. ”

Students say they are taking action now so people in the future don’t have to.

Senior Daniel Guite “I think that we all deserve a future, we need to come together and make a difference in our community.”

“I don’t want my kids and grandkids to have a future where there’s trash everywhere and you can’t live with clean air,” says Stauffenecker.

They say even the smallest steps make a big impact.

Guite says, “Starting off small will get out to bigger regions, everyone can hear our word.”

Students in the Duluth School District needed parental permission in order to attend the protest.

Other protests across the Northland took place in Moose Lake, Virginia, and Ashland.

According to a Yale University study between 68 and 71 percent of Northlanders believe global warming is happening.

According to NASA, 97 percent of climate scientists agree the planet is warming and it’s due to human activities.

Emma Quinn

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