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Governor Walz visits Duluth to address healthcare

DULUTH, MN– Minnesota Governor Tim Walz was in Duluth Saturday to share his vision for health care with those who provide it.

Saturday was the last day of the Minnesota Medical Association annual conference, held in Duluth for the first time since 2011.

Governor Walz was the final speaker. He stressed the importance of making medical costs affordable for all, both through insurance and the cost of certain drugs.

Walz says it’s important to discuss his hopes for health care with the physicians who provide it for patients.

“Making sure that our folks who deliver the health care are there when decisions are made about health care. This is between patients and their doctors, patients and their practitioners. What I want to make sure is that anything we do strengthens that bond, strengthens access and make sure what these folks know is health care’s a basic human right,” Governor Walz said.

More than one-hundred physicians and physicians-in-training attended the conference.

Governor Walz also said that strides are being made in Minnesota, including a Republican proposed plan to address the cost of insulin.

Jenna Wells

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